Our services include

  • Remote VFX creation for your project.
    • We will create the effects you need from scratch. This includes creating the source material for textures, creating the shaders needed, creating the effects inside your engine and placing it in the world or providing it to code. The whole nine yards.


  • Creation of VFX bundles and packs for various engines.
    • If a fully custom solution is outside of your pricerange. Perhaps one of our vfx packs could interest you. If there isn't anything there you like, drop us a line and explain your idea. If it we end up creating it, you'll get the pack for free! Call it a finders fee.


  • Tutorials in vfx creation.
    • If you are more a DIY person, perhaps we can interest you in some tutorials that explain how it's done. Same deal here, if you give us a tip that turns into a tutorial; you get it for free.


  • Small group mentoring.
    • Need someone to ask those questions that doesn't seem to have an answer on google? We can help you with that. You decide what level of support you want. From answering a weekly mail to step by step instructions over skype.

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